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This is a sticky post. It describes where the Newsprint theme is headed and work being done on it. Check here frequently for updates.

So, let me guess: You’re reading this because you’re curious about how I learned to program without knowing anything about math? You’ve come to the right place.  This post is technically just a glorified thesis statement/overview. I’ve gotta split this history up somehow, because my history is long and somewhat complicated, this all fell into […]

Usually I post extreme rants that I need to get out of my system here instead of on social media, but today I’m bringing you a “pseudo-log” or summary of events. It’s all gone by so quick that some of the oldest here are going to disappear if I don’t write this. So we were […]

So, if it isn’t clear by now, I’m going to IPFW for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. HOWEVER, I just took placement tests today, and basic high school algebra is what they want me to take. That’s bullshit. They didn’t have writing utensils and paper. I have a high school transcript showing A’s and B’s […]

I’m back, here to be a bit more constructive than last time I was here. Newsprint is here to stay. Paglow let us down, I’ll follow up on that today, considering I have no fear for the simple fact we’ll never see him again, so fuck him, he’s a bygone. Just getting the salt out of my bladder now.

If this weren’t a true opinion piece but rather slander, it wouldn’t be here. But because I’m standing by what I’m saying, and responding in the state I was in, I can’t regret a word I said. I call First Amendment on this one, no matter how unpopular the F-bombs. This was a response to an e-mail we received. This was and is our response. If you are looking for a nicer follow-up do not read this, but rather what is posted later today when I post a mature follow-up. It’s not slander, threats, or otherwise; I specifically stated I didn’t want it to come between us, but obviously he didn’t care.

I wrote this back around the early days of my time at YEA. Yeah, not too long ago, I know it sounds that way, but YEA was only a year. I’ll miss some of the folks I met, others, one in particular, won’t be missed. I’ve since learned C#, so my bitching in this post is irrelevant.

As I’m finished with high school, let me note that the things I described in this post take me way back. I didn’t stay in Advanced LA long (I would rather do this blog IMHO) – and I had no clue what shell scripts were (#ScriptKiddies). I was live-blogging, typing summaries of events as they were happening. Oh, the memories…