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    Newsprint Update, Goings On

M. Gage Morgan   on November 30, 2016
Categories: Theme Tired While Written Updates


If it isn’t obvious already, I’ve introduced a new theme called “Newsprint,” which I feel is appropriate given the vast amount of attention given to the Serifs and the line spacing. It’s elegant, and I wanted the reading experience to feel as if you were reading a book from way back when they had this type of stuff (elegant lines weren’t JUST in newspapers) I also wanted to convey a sentimental feel to this theme: I used to want to be a children’s fiction author but I changed my mind after beginning to learn to program. However, because this is where I want to actually write some stuff, I figured “Hey, I should totally make this look like a place where that gets done!”

That aside, I feel this theme should be a carnate of what things used to be like for me: Write, revise, revise, revise…and that’s a WordPress theme. I know it’s not perfect now, but it looks nice and works on desktop. I want to roll out small, incremental changes. Fix flaws one by one. But that’s so the user doesn’t notice immediately. You see, it’s possible you don’t know a glitch until it’s been fixed. Then you think to yourself like “Hey, what happened to the side of the page? The footer changed a bit? Something looks…different.” I sometimes think that, and then remind myself of how this stuff works.

I will be releasing a reference for what Newsprint should have looked like before launch via some Jade/Pug/whatever-they’re-calling-it-this-month template files on GitHub for the curious designer (without a panda, sorry) in you.

Object Orientation and the Java/Oracle rant

I hate Oracle with a passion. I feel like it’s a slap in the face from Microsoft to be like “Hey we’ve open-sourced our languages!” But there’s a catch (because throughout it’s entire existence, since when does Micorosoft not have a catch?) If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

I wanted to learn C#. Then, through their EdX page:

To help ensure that your learning experience is good, please note that this course is not for beginners or those new to programming.  You must have prior programming experience in an object-oriented programming language as there are concepts that are mentioned in the course that are assumed to be prior knowledge and are not explained in detail.  If you are new to programming, it is highly recommended that you visit this page to learn some of the fundamentals first.

So, to date, what’s the only language that we have a reference to that people understand? Oh, right, the language owned by a big company that sues $1,000,000,000 for 1 FUCKING LINE OF CODE. Like, are you sane? Do you even know what fair use is? Do you know that copyright laws can’t sustain your thirst for eons to come? Did you know that activists are becoming sharksthat smell blood in the water? It’s lunch time, and you’re now the hunted…

So, let’s see…Microsoft loves open source. But they also open source things that, in order to understand how to use, need proprietary things first. Sad, man, sad.

So, because I can’t seem to find Oracle a respectable company at all, I won’t be learning with an actual compiler. Codecademy will give me a quick touch up, but that won’t do everything for me.

YEA Update 

I know, I don’t talk about this much. But when a bunch of kids start screaming at you to ditch the name of a startup you’ve been at the helm of for one-and-a-half years, you will understand damn well where I’m coming from. I cannot stand when people tell us not to stand out, do things that are the “norm,” and honestly, I don’t know if these investors know what a FUCKING RISK IS AT ALL, BECAUSE YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET ASS THAT RISK INVOLVES POTENTIALLY LOSING MONEY, AND YOU KNOW THAT BEFORE GOING INTO IT.

Do not expect safe ideas. That is the worst, most boring, non-INNOVATIVE (read: Innovative does NOT equal Safe) likely makes the LEAST amount of money in the end.

Now, to the advice they were giving these kids:

Add what you do in the business name.

That’s not a good idea for any technology company ever. If you aren’t a tech buff, could you please explain to me what the hell Microsoft even is as a name? Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon…all chose non-specific names for a reason. Again, I get pissed very quickly, and Elijah gets pressured into fucked up situations more easily than I’d like.

Micro-Soft Disk Operating System. MSDOSMicro-Soft. MicroSoft. Microsoft. Microsoft. DO YOU USE MS-DOS ANYMORE?

Final Thoughts

One of the things I intend to do is implement a set of quotes from people who are big influences on the world, and that people who tell me “no” should come here first. The YEA thing had me triggered, like if it would have gone on any longer, my face would have looked like a bomb ready to blow. These people need to really fix how this is done. Time is wasted using a damn PowerPoint. Just because something can be rigorous doesn’t mean it has to. I would know, considering I’m a programmer, and the best type of programmer is the laziest.

Goodnight, interwebs. Back whenever.