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M. Gage Morgan   on August 2, 2013
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Great. x10 managed to terminate my account. They lied and said it was because I was running shell scripts, but I wasn’t. I’m now hosted on DreamHost, who I know I can rely on due to the Apps feature. I have also moved domains to gagesblog.com, where I will be blogging (for now).

I am in an Advanced LA class, and I have homework to get to. I was required to read two books (got them read in less than a week). I’m at WordCamp right now posting from a newly made domain that I got for free. The reason I’m at WordCamp is to learn to do other stuff, but I’m sitting in the beginners’ session. At the hotel that we’re at we have some Krispy Kreme (I can’t stop myself). Tomorrow I will be learning how to put WP on an SD card.

The good part about this is that hopefully next year I can renew this domain. I’m actually writing full screen right now; although I don’t prefer to do that because I usually end up needing the buttons and the Kitchen Sink.