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    Thoughts on Paglow’s Email

M. Gage Morgan   on March 19, 2017
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Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

–Steve Jobs


If you are here, (which I really hope it doesn’t come to that point) just note this blog is not professional, and never will be. It says something about how I will react when someone comes at me. You don’t wanna get in a shouting match with me.

I’m not looking to burn bridges between Christoffen and SphereVR. I’m going to ask that if you read this, you put Sphere and Christoffen out of it. Neither of us represent those two opinion- and decision-wise because there are other people involved, and neither of us are sole proprietors. The two should remain allies. It’d be a different story if we were. This is about how you handled and reacted to something, as a professional. I’m not gonna tell you how to run your business because it is not my place. 

This is not for the faint of heart, or the prudes that cannot handle flames. If you are one of those, save yourself the heart attack, because this is representing who I am when I am beyond livid and outside the professional world. Ask Elijah to read it and report back, because he knows me well enough to know that I’m not the angel you probably think I could have been. I have a moral compass. This site is a personal venting ground. You are the person being vented about in this post, and because of that, and the astounding unprofessional nature of my weblog, save yourself from this. It’s not an attack on you personally. It’s an attack on the ethics you appear to not have in your “professional” self. I like you as a person, and if you do in fact read this entire post, I’m gonna have to ask you to please remember I said this as a disclaimer at the beginning of the post.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

–Steve Jobs

As a CEO, I’m a visionaire, and I know my place, and I don’t lead people on. I admit when I fuck things up. This email you wrote? We’re not the ones who fucked up. We’ve been trying to get in touch, and it’s been two or three weeks since we’ve heard anything from you. Take some responsibility. That’s the only thing I feel I could have learned from this, but you’re too late for that life lesson: I admit I fucked something up because my good-for-nothing dad couldn’t stand admitting that he’s not a saint.

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

–Steve Jobs

So, you’re here to see what the hell that FB post was? Well, here it is. WARNING: The horse is already dead and I’m beating it to mush with a croquet mallet. I can’t emphasize this enough, and I HATE repeating myself: We’re not 12, Jayson. I thought you of all people would have considered that, but I guess I was wrong. >:(

So, without further ado, let’s hop right in. Here in the next section, I will be quoting his email unabridged, verbatim. He wanted us to take his shit literal, so guess what? We’re holding him accountable starting now. Whether he realizes it or not, that e-mail was a challenge, and to me, kind of a dick move. Well, I’m a dick most of the time, so when I say it takes one to know one, I mean it. So, having stirred my feelings toward him from good to now mixed, let’s get started.

It Begins (ever so slowly)

Gage and Elijah,

I understand it can be frustrating when events and objectives are not perfectly timed or executed properly. You’ll soon learn, when you’re a successful entrepreneur, business is never timed out or executed perfectly.

Suffice to say, I asked you to email me closer to Friday to see if it was possible for me to meet. It obviously was not possible as you did not receive a response until now.

Jayson, seriously, the second paragraph in and you want to roast ME???? Your dumbass was the one who contacted Elijah instead of both, and don’t expect Elijah to do anything but skim. I disagree with you on the first paragraph almost to its entirety, because if you use a calendar and write shit down and follow through half-an-hour to half-an-hour, you wouldn’t fuck things up. You have to remember to say no to things you know you cannot complete because it’s not scheduled and impromptu. Impromptu is never a good way to go. The only people in tech that have the right to say something is never timed out or executed perfectly is devs and programmers, due to anomalies and roadblocks that can’t be avoided, businessman or no fucking businessman.

When the Hypocrite Wants to Talk Fucking Strategy

From a strategic perspective, sending multiple emails and messages to multiple departments and asking “are you doing this or not” demonstrates a lack of patience and self discipline.

Remember when I said at the beginning of this post that this e-mail is a dick move? I’m not asshurt, I’m pissed. I would have dropped your ass at this point if you were working for me. Why? Because you can talk the talk, but you can’t walk the walk. I was not involved in scheduling. Elijah asked me to try to get ahold of you, you weren’t there the four thousand fucking other times we needed you, so much to the point that our business draft and other work were turned in and your ass was one of my good friends’ missing dads,

Now this goes back to what I said before: First you start to say some bullshit about how you can’t schedule, which is sad for someone your age and in the position you are in. It also highlights a large difference on how the gauntlet is run between the two of us.


In business, these are vital skills that must be mastered before success can be attained.


Shut the fuck up, again,  Jayson. We’re not fucking 12. You really wanna know why we flew an airplane through your fucking inbox? Not because we’re immature assholes, but because you were unprofessional about handling this. You say but never do, except what appears to be in a few limited cases. You could say this post is unprofessional, but look at the rest of the content on this blog is unprofessional. You would be more than right. This is my personal ventillator, and so when I get pissed at someone, this is the place all the rage appears at. This is MGage Morgan Uncensored Personal Edition.

And those skills aren’t vital. The only vital thing to know here is that you make yourself look like an asshole when yous et things up 400 fucking times and follow through on not one of them. Again, it takes one to know one. My dad does the same shit, which is why I’m about to explode with rage. When I say I’m going to do something, I attempt 100%. If I’m on a call with someone, it may have gotten cut off by some dumbass, but guess what? I tried anyway.

How to spot a (100%) Hypocrite

As you’ll discover, no one in business, or life, is here to save you. There are very few true lifelines and self reliance is the base of all success. Others can become obstacles or partners and depending on how you react to situations and the way you treat other people will determine which they become.

The way you reacted to our reaction of the missing mentor? I don’t give a shit how you word it, professional or not: The way we reacted to anarchy and missing order is normal, like it or fucking not. You do not appear to have a fucking solid schedule, and because of that, we tried to get ahold of you. There is no excuse for trying to get us not to react. If a partner in the future pulls this shit and someone else comes along with a better offer, we will drop the slower ones ass to the ground, no questions asked.

#Fake #Business: You think we’re a joke, fuck you

Luckily, the Young Entrepreneurs Academy is a simulation and not the real world. This is the time to make mistakes and learn lessons without feeling the consequences associated with typical setbacks of the business world.

Number one, you are missing the point. YOU DON’T LEARN IF YOUR MISTAKES DO NOT HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Actions lead to results, and results are either good or bad, therefore test actions and see what happens. Consequences are a result of a bad action, and because we feel no ‘chilling effect’ we are being blinded from reality. And kiss my simulated ass.

Why The Hell Did You Become A Mentor In The First Place?????

Use this as an opportunity to grow during crisis. I can make time Tuesday the 21st from 7-8 to discuss preparations for the investor panel on the 28th. I’ll help in any way I can, but this is your business and this onus in on you. Always remember, as a CEO you must never let internal frustrations reflect into the external world.

And just like that, the email ends.

In our time of crisis, Jayson, you weren’t fucking there to begin with. I honestly don’t care at this point where you were. Thank you for trying though. We’re long past done. And I’m just like Steve Jobs when I get frustrated, you need to go back and look at him and the way he handled iCloud, and late manufacturers. He called them “fucking dickless assholes” for being late.

I told your ass I wouldn’t be able to, and unlike you, I grew a pair and told you: Sorry, I won’t be home yet because we don’t get out till seven and we gotta go pick up some loud ass little girls from the library, and if my mom is late and you don’t pick up, it’s wasting everyone else’s time.

As a CEO, I’m a visionaire, and I know my place, and I don’t lead people on. I admit when I fuck things up. This email you wrote? We’re not the ones who fucked up. We’ve been trying to get in touch, and it’s been two or three weeks since we’ve heard anything from you. Take some responsibility. That’s the only thing I feel I could have learned from this, but you’re too late for that life lesson: I admit I fucked something up because my good-for-nothing dad couldn’t stand admitting that he’s not a saint.