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    Are We Newsprint Yet?

M. Gage Morgan   on June 8, 2017
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Over the past few days, you may have noticed some changes to this site. More than actual content, actually. This is because of the changes that are being planned for the theme and site overall. Newsprint is one of my most favorite WordPress themes, not because I made it, but because it’s the first theme I’ve made that I can actually tolerate through dogfooding. That said, it’s not perfect. There are issues with it. Those issues will be pointed out here.

The overall design of Newsprint isn’t finished either. So, without further ado, here’s the known issues with the theme, and the upcoming features planned for release.

#1 РFeature Addition: Category-Based Custom Post-Type Tabs

One of the original Newsprint features was supposed to be tabs that displayed categorical content. That obviously never happened. While not everything in this post happens, this one I want badly.

Let me elaborate on how this will work.

The tabs will be based on categories found in a WordPress loop. I’m going to attempt to put these loops in tab-loops.php because, simply put, I don’t want that jargon in index.php or header.php. Finally, once posts are confirmed to work based on a copy of the index.php loop modded to display only categories, the design work begins.

I want the posts that appear with thumbnails to not just be gray. I want colors associated with post topics. I want index.php to summarize everything reverse-chronologically while still displaying colors in regards to the tabs.


#2 – Feature Addition: For Dummies-style “Sidebars”

While these sidebars aren’t used in the traditional “WordPress” and “web” sense, the Dummies’ series have these elegant “sidebars” that are two-column boxes that give a little bit of backstory or allow the author to go on an unrelated spiel about something. Mainly, you have a point you’re making, these just give additional context and potential historical background, explaining how things got the way they are, etc. The concept fits the Newsprint theme conceptually, and so the next design round slated for 0.9 probably is the place to do this stuff.


#3 – Bugfix: Make Site Mobile-Friendly

This needs done badly. Most people are on their phones, so I’m recognizing the need to fix this. Problem is, I don’t know how to go about doing that yet. It seems like waiting for the main changes up to 1.0 to happen before trying to nuke the problem just yet. As mentioned below, backend changes incoming are going to make this nearly impossible to see into quite yet.


#4 – Bugfix: Fix Links to Match Background Color Contextually

If you’ve been using this theme on your own site, I’m sure you’ve recently noticed links are white (just like the background) instead of black. I’m acknowledging this is an issue and is on the list of easier things to attempt to change.


#5 – Bugfix: Make Width of Post Content Shorter

This is because of the “ugggghh” factor when seeing my posts. I’d rather have a long page rather than a short one full of words, words, words.


#6 – (Planned Future) Bugfix: Put Time and Location at Top Above First Horizontal Bar

This goes along with #1. Again, acknowledging a plan is in place and I’ve thought this through, just that I cannot guarantee a date.


#7 – Bugfix – Headings (WordPress had one job…)

The TinyMCE Editor recognizes Bitter, but apparently not WordPress. This is related to and will be fixed with the another bug on this list (hopefully).


#8 – Bugfix: Fix The Theme So It Doesn’t Screw Up Non-Thumbnail Posts

I’m acknowledging this is an issue, but just like mobile, I am not yet sure how to go about doing it.


#9 –¬†Bugfix: Remove Unnecessary HTML Stuff

This is one of the first things to get done. This is to cut down on file length. All the development stuff is a wreck. I need to do something about it before taking this entire project any further forward.


#10 – Bugfix: Get Rid of Files Not Needed for this to Actually Work

Pretty basic, but only because in the future the environment I’m going to be working in will see an increase in slobbery PHP files (ick, I hate PHP. It works, but it isn’t the most pleasant for logic work).


#11 – Bugfix: Refactor HTML

The HTML re-factorization will happen shortly. However, I need to do all this and the next one before any of the above are going to happen.


#12 – Bugfix: Refactor CSS

This is the first thing I want done. It needs to be done. It needs to work like a WordPress theme. I’ll be borrowing from a more recent WordPress stock stylesheet for this.