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    Grievances Against HIM AND HER

M. Gage Morgan   on July 1, 2017
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Usually I post extreme rants that I need to get out of my system here instead of on social media, but today I’m bringing you a “pseudo-log” or summary of events. It’s all gone by so quick that some of the oldest here are going to disappear if I don’t write this.

So we were coming back from Cedar Point Wednesday, and it’s dark out. I’m visually impaired, so what’s obvious up close to some isn’t to me. Unfortunately, my dad doesn’t recognize that. He told me to grab a flashlight.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“Quit trying to dumb your way out of work, you fucking lazy asshole! And your vision isn’t an excuse either, so don’t try to use it as an excuse to dumb your way out of work!”

I tried really hard to let this go, but for the remainder of the night, he didn’t let up. This definitely played into yesterday’s events.

So yesterday, my dad and stepmom were packing up our campsite. We’re leaving Sandusky, OH after a week. Now, for the uninitiated, Ryan and I had been making jokes about each other “being judgemental.”

So, as we were packing up bags, Ryan said something and, in the running gag fashion we’d been making punch lines in, I said: “Says the most judgemental person of all time.”


I started to stand up for myself, when my dad stepped in: “So stand there and act like a retard Gage. Play dumb so you don’t have to work.” He continued mocking me, going as far as to mock ticks I’ve had in the past (I have Tourette’s syndrome).

So fast-forward to today, I normally wake up a quarter past noon, because it’s summer and I don’t have to be anywhere, right? So my dad comes busting in at 11:30.


Let me note that I watched a TedX talk that featured a sleep researcher. She said 8 hours is barely passing, like getting a D on your report card. So I have the opportunity to rest until I can’t, and he wants to wake me. I’ll put a link to this in citations below, because this scientist made some really good points.

I was wearing sweatpants. Now, for the record, most people I know don’t own jeans like I do. They only own sweatpants, and he’s lucky I even bother to wear jeans half the time.

I asked if he wanted to send me back to my mom’s, because apparently being left alone is a sin. He said that I would be responsible for transportation and that this was no longer a threat, considering I’m 18 and he doesn’t have to pay child support. Which I find interesting because since November 2012, he supposedly hasn’t paid child support.

He said, “Now, you are an adult. Meaning you can make adult decisions. You can pack your bags and walk away, or you can KISS MY ASS AND FOLLOW MY RULES. YOU ARE TO BE UP AND DRESSED BEFORE 10AM AND NO SMARTASS COMMENTS. AND YOU KNOW THAT CELL SERVICE? THAT’S MY PHONE AND MY BILL.” It’s not his phone but it is his bill, and I will gladly mail his SIM card back to him.

He said a long slew of other insults, but they were too many to put here.

So later, just half an hour ago from the time of this writing, he went off on me AND Rachel went off on me. I was petting the cat, and Kellie simply said “Move before he gets mad.”

I continued petting him

Rachel immediately comes over. “SHE SAID MOVE SO MOVE, NOOOOWW.”

Me: “What, are my siblings now in charge?”


I’m not writing a whole lot more about today. But I feel I should be recording this stuff somewhere. Even if it’s not physical, I’m being attacked verbally and psychologically. Call it abuse, or call me a snowflake, but the way I’ve been treated socially is that of an outcast.

My dad’s mom came back here and told me to try to let it go. She wants peace. I hardly want it if I’m honest, simply because my dad is a bully and doesn’t deserve to be treated like a king.

I told her quietly, “It’s alright, I’m fine.”

She replied, “No, it’s not alright the way you were treated out there. Just try to let it go and move on, okay?”

I could have packed my bags anytime in the last six months and went to her. Unfortunately, she’s already stated she doesn’t want me to move back to my mom’s and because she’s not okay with it, I’m not going to even attempt to get her to drive me over.

She isn’t okay with it, and if I got her to drive me over, she would probably take a beating because she doesn’t lie. She’s almost 80 years old. I don’t want her to have that stress. I would prefer my mom deal with it.

A few minutes ago my dad came back in and asked if I wanted to leave. I’d rather him not be around when I move out permanently. I want to be at my mom’s house in the safety zone. I subsequently want to testify if that will help get my sister out. Because emotional abuse, psychological abuse and verbal abuse are real things. I know these are targeted by the media to paint people my age as snowflakes, but let’s be honest, do you want someone talking shit to your face 24/7/365? I don’t, and I don’t think you do either.

I’m being attacked in a place they want me to call home. I can’t call a place home when there are demons attacking me both inside the house and outside (think school). A parent should have the child’s back, but instead this parent wants to stab me in the back, turn around when I call him out for stabbing me in the back, and then start saying that I spit in his face when in reality he spit in mine first. Matter of fact, that’s how I woke up this morning.

Listen, I don’t care if someone who is an outsider reads this. I am going to point out that instead of being like my peers and talking only about positive things in life, I point out both positive and negative. I don’t want to lie to someone when asked how my day was. Guess what? It was terrible and you’re wasting your time. You probably have more important things to do. So how was yours?

I’m trying really hard not to break one of his beer bottles over his head. But you can only take this so long, and I’m about done. So, I’m attempting to move out within the next 10-ish days. A month isn’t enough. I want him to learn the hard way that if you treat someone like shit, they’re going to walk out of their life and never look back. He should’ve learned this with my mom, but apparently he hasn’t. I’m leaving him for a lot of the same reasons my mom left him. I’ve had enough. If posdible, as soon as I sever ties, I want my sister to also have severed ties. She hates him, but I don’t trust she’ll stand strong in a court battle. I want to be on the jury to testify if there is one.

That’s where I’m going to end today’s post. If you have an RFC (Request for Comment), feel free to hit up my main mailbox at gage@christoffen.com.

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