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    How I Started In CompSci (Part 1)

M. Gage Morgan   on July 2, 2017
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So, let me guess: You’re reading this because you’re curious about how I learned to program without knowing anything about math? You’ve come to the right place. 

This post is technically just a glorified thesis statement/overview. I’ve gotta split this history up somehow, because my history is long and somewhat complicated, this all fell into place mostly by coincedence after coincidence. 

Below are the summaries of what I aim to do in the next few parts:

Part I: This post. 

Part II: This describes my humble beginnings in the second half of 2006 to my “epoch” ground zero experiences in January 2007. I was little, but had ambitions. Even now I look back at that second grader and think “Holy shit.”

Part III: This post describes my experience with web development. From SourceForge and MediaWiki in 2009 to learning PHP in 2013. 

Part IV: This part describes 2013 and some of early 2014, WordPress, WordCamps, and PHP development. 

Part V: This part describes my frustration with the ignorance of a man named Grimm and several realizations of ignorant professors in the CompSci field (however, this also spurred my ass into gear and on the fast track to where I am). 

Part VI: The most progress I’ve ever made in a year. 2015 was where it was at. I jumped the Windows ship. I started Christoffen. I learned C, with the exception of pointers (and why you SHOULD NOT use them), and switched to Ubuntu full-time. 

Part VII: Created my first GUI app last year. Played with snippets of argp. Made my 2015 work in C portable with GNU Autohell. Switched to Fedora. Introduced to Flatpacks. Refactored the most in 2016. Also, the Newsprint WordPress theme was kicked off during Mark Suter’s Intro to Programming because the man said he couldn’t due PHP (then how the hell does he do Python and/or C#???). 

Part VIII: Here we are. Rust and info for assistants and their professors, lmao #ReleaseTheSavage. No, but seriously, this is a PSA and open letter to accompany an e-mail to Professor Maxwell Fowler and Doctor Beomjim Kim (did I spell it right? If I can learn Lehmkuhl’s last name, I think I can learn Doctor Kim’s first name). Please pass this on to anyone else who will play an active role in this class. 

So, see you in Part II!