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    CSS4 Definition

M. Gage Morgan   on July 31, 2017
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This post is relatively short by nature, but to establish what I mean when talking about the start of CSS4, I want to note that I’m well aware that CSS is no longer just one standard. However, to detail what I consider CSS4 and what I don’t, you have to look at what period of time features got introduced.

So let’s start with all modules named Level 4. The parts of these that weren’t present in CSS3 and earlier, to me, make up CSS4. Note that they have to be in at the very least Working Draft and not completely final. I also take any Level 1 modules at the time of Level 4WD or previous status and include them as part. This is because they are new at the time of Level 4.

Now, as far as W3C vs. WHATWG, I actually am also aware that W3C is just kind of retroactively tagging what browsers implement as they go. I don’t honestly know why these two groups coexist, but my opinion on it is that they are not making progress by ignoring each other. It seems counterproductive.

CSS4, when finalized as we go along here, will be great. Variables are being added, colors get some new fun additions, and more. However, we need to wait for all these Level 4’s and Level 1’s to go to Level 5’s and Level 2’s respectively. That’s why I’m telling you that it is a time based thing. To tell the difference between a Level 1 from CSS4 to a Level 1 in CSS5, you need to check if the module in question was at Level 1 in the time of any Level 4 Working Drafts.

I know some will hate me for doing this, but I feel the need to group it this way for my sanity. I have no desire to keep track of CSS based on 1000s of separate standards all at the same time.

I’m clarifying this because I feel the opportunity to be misunderstood abroad could be present.