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    Newsprint Rewrite: 2.0

M. Gage Morgan   on July 31, 2017
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I’ve decided on a number of things; not sure when they’ll be achieved.


I need to re-write the theme from the ground up. Unfortunately, this is because the current 1.x version of the Newsprint theme is too much work to redo. This basically means that I will be going in and grabbing several parts of the theme by hand, and figuring out the best way re-write them in pure HTML all over again.


“But Gage! Why did you put all that work in if you were just gonna tear it down again?”


Because currently, the theme uses an alpha of Bootstrap 4. The current release of Bootstrap 4 would actually break significant grid portions of this work. Rather than continue down that avenue, I am going to implement a CSS Grid Layout. The theme will basically be re-written in HTML, this time using HTML5 semantics (I’m old-school: divs are the way I’m used to doing things). CSS Grids are available, and I feel it would beneficial to figure out how to use them as they become a standard part of CSS.


That said, on the subject of tearing down and starting over: This was originally a project done for Mark Suter at Elida High School. I graduated. I’m making the decision to adopt the standard as it comes out. Firefox has full support for this feature, as does Edge. The unfortunate part of this is that the entire thing needs completely re-written. I’m hoping that Newsprint 2 will contain this refactoring into native grids, and will also take the time to begin implementing the custom posts I’ve mentioned about here on the site before.


Newsprint 2 contains (or will contain) changes large enough that I think it justifies the name. Also, the gray bar will be replaced probably.